This is NOT produced by the Platinum Dunes' People.

This is a CONCEPT PIECE created by Christopher Johnson IV (and crew) for his agent Robert Depp at the Beverly Hecht Agency to demonstrate his passion and take for a 21st Century Freddy Krueger.

Originally, Johnson was planning on pitching himself as a writer/director, but when Samuel Bayer was attached to the reboot, Depp began working to land an audition for Johnson with the Platinum Dunes camp and their casting people for the roll of Freddy. Since then, Jackey Earl Haley has been cast for the part.

If you like Chris' work here, please visit the youtube page and leave a comment. Feel free to re-post and share this with others who love the Elm Street franchise.

Chris is a close friend and I have witnessed first hand his passion and love of this character and the story of Elm Street and thus, with his consent, I was helping to spread the word to help him realize this dream. Things have gone in a different direction, but everyone involved is still happy to have taken a crack at it!

Anyone interested in contacting us, or Chris specifically, can send an email to: We will be monitoring this site and the email indefinitely.


PS - We have received several emails and some posts on the YouTube site asking why we don't make our own Nightmare on Elm Street feature film or short:

Chris Johnson - "At the lowest possible budget, it costs about $10,000 per minute of finished, edited screen time. Stretch that out into a 100 minute movie and you're up to 1 million dollars -- again, at the very least. My pockets aren't quite that deep, to say the least. The other issue is - Freddy is trademarked by New Line Cinema. Therefore even if somebody had a million dollars burning a hole in their pocket and gave me the money to make it, we would never recoup the costs because we don't own the rights. So as much as I would LOVE to make the version of the script I have developed for myself AND the fans (of which I am one as well), it seems unlikely that it will go further than the teaser I conceived." 04/19/09